Цвет втулок:Красный / Титан
Rim Decals:C6.0 reflective red / C6.0 reflective gray / RS colorful
Include parts:F.R wheels+Quick release+HQ inner Belt
Hub:TW, Alu alloy in carbon 3K body  with ultralight, F2-R4 sealed bearings, for road, Straight-pull, F18-R21 holes, O.L.D-F100 and R130mm, Slotted-drum tower to 8~11 speed
Rim:Carbon 12K twill, 2-wall, Clincher, W23*H50/W25*60mm, FV,water-Decals
Spoke:Pillar, 14G, Stainless Pro, Flat, Straight-head and ultralight 

Вилсет RS CB9 Carbon

43 000,00 ₽Цена